June 2, 2022

Analyst-verified or AI-generated alerts, which one to use?

On Horizon+ you can choose whether to visualise alerts that have been verified by Hozint’s analysts and/or alerts that are generated in real-time by our Artificial Intelligence (AI) software Lookout. To understand which type of alerts might better fit your needs (human or AI), first, you need to define your use case:


a) Real-time monitoring > AI-generated alerts

b) Risk analysis or forward-looking events > Analyst-verified alerts


How to select analyst-verified or AI-generated alerts


  1. 1. In the left sidebar go to the menu “More selectors”;
  2. 2. Then go to “Spotter” and select “Human” and / or “AI”;
  3. 3. Click on the magnifying glass to start searching;




The filter “Spotter” defines who has generated the report between:


    • Human: Reports that are written by our analysts to ensure quality and accuracy;
    • AI: Reports that are generated by our Artificial Intelligence software Lookout and are meant to provide real-time visibility;
    • Min. Relevancy: This filter is only visible if the Spotter “AI” is selected. It filters the minimum level of relevancy of the AI-generated reports. Each AI report has a score that goes from a minimum of 40% to a maximum of 100%. By dragging the slider all to the left (40%) you will receive more reports but also more noise (mostly in the range between 40-49%), while the more you drag the bar towards the 100% you will receive fewer reports but most likely more relevant;


The same options are also available in the saved filter (i.e. Focus).  To see how to create a Focus click here.