June 1, 2022

How to create a filter (Focus)

Create a new filter


‣ Log in into your account;

‣ Refresh the page to start loading all the latest reports;

‣ In the left sidebar go to My Focuses > click on the “+” (a pop-up window will appear):



‣ Fill in all the necessary fields:

    • Title: Give your filter a name;
    • Email Alerts: Decide when and if you want to receive email alerts for this filter;
    • Location: You can choose between two options:
      1. By Country: you can select one or multiple countries;
      2. By Geofence: you can input an address or coordinates (in decimal format) and a radius (in km/miles) in order to receive alerts around that location);
    • Categories: Select the topics you are interested in. A report might be categorised into one or multiple categories;
    • Impact: Select the impact of the event on a scale from Low to Extreme. For an overview of the impact assessment see here:;
    • Report Type: Reports are categorised as either an Incident or an Information:
      • Incidents: Kinetic events that caused (or had the potential to cause) casualties, damages or disruption;
      • Information: Contextual information such as statements, declarations, analyses, statistical data, and announcements of future events;
    • Spotter: Defines who has generated the report between:
      • Human: Reports that are written by our analysts to ensure quality and accuracy;
      • AI: Reports that are generated by our Artificial Intelligence software and are meant to provide real-time visibility on events that can be then corroborated by analysts;
      • Min. Relevancy: This filter is only visible if the Spotter “AI” is selected. It filters the minimum level of relevancy of the AI-generated reports. Each AI report has a score that goes from a minimum of 40% to a maximum of 100%. By dragging the slider all to the left (40%) you will receive more reports but also more noise, while the more you drag the bar towards the 100% you will receive fewer reports but most likely more relevant;
    • Timeframe: Select the timeframe you need depending on your use case:
      • Publication: i.e. when Hozint published a report (e.g. past 30 mins, 1h, etc.). This filter is used for real-time monitoring;
      • Event Date: This filter allows you to select a timeframe in the past or in the future. This filter is used to access historical data for risk analysis;
    • Text (Keywords): Use this filter to search for reports matching specific keywords. You can use the following operators:
      • Space = AND (e.g. fire gun > will return reports mentioning both fire and gun);
      • OR = EITHER (e.g. fire OR gun > will return reports mentioning either fire or gun);
      • – = NOT (e.g. fire -gun > will return reports mentioning fire but not gun);
    • Display on startup: in case you want to set a filter as default (i.e. every time you log into the platform it will automatically load that filter), click on the check box “Load this focus on startup”;

‣ Click “Save“;


Your Focus (filter) is now available on the left sidebar under the menu My Focuses.



Edit a filter


To edit a Focus that you have previously created follow these steps:


‣ Log in into your account;

‣ Refresh the page to start loading all the latest reports;

‣ In the left sidebar go to My Focuses > click on the pencil icon next to the Fucus you want to edit;