June 2, 2022

Visualise forward-looking events

On Horizon+ you can easily visualise forward-looking events. These are events that have been scheduled to happen in the future such as protests, elections, service disruptions, etc. Forward-looking events are generated only by our analysts (i.e. Spotter Human).


How to visualise forward-looking events


  1. 1. In the left sidebar go to the menu “More selectors”, then go to “Spotter”;
  2. 2. Select “Human”;
  3. 3. Go to “Timeframe” and select the tab “Event”;
  4. 4. In the timeframe widget select a timeframe starting in the future;
  5. 5. Click on the magnifying glass to start searching;



6. In the top menu bar switch the tab to “Reports”;

7. In the sorting options on top of the list, select “Event date” (this way reports will appear in chronological order);