Our Team

Edoardo Camilli


Edoardo Camilli is CEO and Co-Founder at Hozint – Horizon Intelligence. He holds a Master degree in International Relation and Diplomacy from Bologna University (Italy) and a second level MA degree in Intelligence and National Security from the University of Malta. He has published several academic publications on security matters, some of them featured on the NATO Review, the European Defense Agency and the Italian Intelligence services. He has been subject to numerous interviews for MSNBC, Euractive, Voice of America, Xinhua, NDTV, El Español, RAI, and Il Giornale among others. Mr. Camilli has also been speaker at international conferences such as the Security Forum in Spain, the African Mining Security Summit in South Africa and to the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on critical infrastructure protection in Sweden. In 2014, Mr. Camilli was awarded by the Microsoft Innovation Center for the project Hozint – Horizon Intelligence. In June 2016, Edoardo represented Hozint at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in San Francisco, California. Edoardo is alumnus of the International Leadership Visitor Program (IVLP) and European Young Leader Under 40 (EYL40).

    Blaise Ortiz


    Blaise Ortiz is COO and Co-Founder at Hozint – Horizon Intelligence. He holds a Master’s degree in Geopolitics from Paris-Est University (France) and a second level Master’s degree in International Relations from ULB (Belgium) where he specialized in Open Source Intelligence. Mr. Ortiz heads threat assessments and publications on the company’s political, security and travel risk monitoring platform Horizon.

      Matthieu Baudoux


      Matthieu Baudoux is CTO and Co-Founder at Hozint – Horizon Intelligence. After chemistry studies at Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium) he went to ERG – École de Recherche Graphique to discover graphic design and visual communication.  Starting as a freelancer for Belgian digital agencies he soon created his own web development studio, building a team of strong and multidisciplinary profiles. Clients ranged from European Union institutions, to large French and Belgian corporation and national public agencies. Mr. Baudoux was also publishing articles about data management and user interface in various French and US IT magazines ( Planet 4D, TidBits, beUX ). Over time he retargeted towards SMEs and startups where new ideas are more easily accepted, and the rhythm of development is faster.

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