6 kg of cocaine seized, 1 foreign national arrested at El Dorado International Airport, Capital District
Twin airstrike kills 13 IS militants in western al-Anbar Governorate
Flood warnings issued along Yorkshire coast, England
Large firework prompts bomb scare north Belfast, Northern Ireland
30 drug smugglers arrested in joint police raids across Strait of Gibraltar
2 soldiers killed, 4 wounded in ATO zone
12.5 kg of gold confiscated at Rafik Hariri International Airport, Beirut Governorate
1000 kgs of explosives seized in Bagram district, Parwan Province
Police seized 12 kilos of drugs near border, Yunnan province
14 PKK militants killed in 2 separate airstrike
Authorities seize weapons and explosives in Constantine Province
Foreign dronestrike kills 5 suspected al-Qaeda militants in Marib Province
Emergency landing at Václav Havel Airport in Prague
2 tankers seized, crew arrested following firefight near Zuwara, Tripolitania Region
Tanker carrying petroleum gas catches fire in İzmit Gulf, Kocaeli Province
Demonstrations scheduled on May 1 in Caracas
A31 and M27 closed following fatal crash near Ringwood, England
State of emergency declared amidst wildfires in Irkutsk Region
State of emergency extended by 6 months
Oil and gas facilities in Tataouine province to receive military protection