Lookout & Horizon+: The next generation of threat intelligence

We are excited to announce that in the coming weeks, Hozint will release 2 new software: the Artificial Intelligence-based media crawler “Lookout” and “Horizon+”.

What is Lookout?

Lookout is an Artificial Intelligence-based media crawler, helping security teams to identify reportable information on political, security and safety risks worldwide. Lookout crawls thousands of media and social media posts to filter-in only relevant news and classifies them by topic, country and geolocation.

What is Horizon+?

Horizon+ is an all-in-one dashboard combining automated news alerts from Lookout with the consolidated threat alerts from Hozint analysts.

Register now and we will notify you to schedule a live demo in September.

1 dead in a road accident along the Seletar Expressway (SLE) #singapore #transport https://t.co/6YRS8q381L https://t.co/21gVSlJiQ0
17 Taliban militants killed in a raid in Shah Wali Kot, Kandahar #afghanistan #terrorism #insurgencyhttps://t.co/TtNqAO0tYV
GNA Interior Minister injured following Assassination attempt in Misrata #libya #civilwar https://t.co/9ZrqYz3YAf https://t.co/WlWrZ5FqZZ
4 NPA rebels killed following a gunfight with security forces in Matnog, Sorsogon #philippines #terrorismhttps://t.co/OH7C0IxMDN
At the request of former PM Hariri, President Aoun postpones new PM parliamentary sessions until December 19… https://t.co/vuSLfuijPU
2 security personnel dead, 1 seriously injured after their vehicle is hit by a falling boulder in Ramban district,… https://t.co/wHvscV6Tgk
At least 7 injured in a cylinder explosion outside High Court building in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa #pakistanhttps://t.co/mdqf2EklsV
18 injured in road accident in the Greater Accra area #ghana #transport https://t.co/Exis2Alyym https://t.co/loaRxK7kSF
1 Islamic State member arrested ahead of attempted suicide attack in Meknes, Fez-Meknes Region #morocco #terrorismhttps://t.co/IqmO928AEr
1 dead following an assault in Sacramento, California #unitedstates #crime https://t.co/oxCkyyvW6m https://t.co/Sk2X5XTA9h
3 dead in a road accident near Nyang’oma area on the Siaya-Nyadorera road, Siaya County #kenya #transporthttps://t.co/9v3e9Mrah2
1 dead following a fire in an industrial area in Haifa #israel #workplacedisaster https://t.co/Xl8iMJld4F https://t.co/ml6HU3qjeE
At least 10 dead, 15 injured following a factory fire in Gazipur, Dhaka #bangladesh #workplacedisasterhttps://t.co/qxewPFML4K
14 injured in a bus accident in Nizhny Novgorod region #russia #transport https://t.co/2wXnjPUNr1 https://t.co/3iF047ZQfB
1 British national shot dead, 1 injured following an attempted armed robbery in Buenos Aires #argentina #crimehttps://t.co/Mx5IJKwMzf
1 dead, 1 injured in separate stabbings in Baltimore, Maryland #unitedstates #crime https://t.co/lQZ6pHNrx5 https://t.co/gh8yT14pYQ
1 reported dead after a light aircraft crashes near Oberon, New South Wales #australia #aviationsecurityhttps://t.co/LYYs4Oceo0
At least 15 dead, over 16 injured in a bus accident in Sindhupalchowk district, Province No. 3 #nepal #transporthttps://t.co/Ebgvz04h3n
2 political activists killed, 2 injured in targeted attacks in Baghdad and Diwaniya, al-Qadisiyyah #iraq #securityhttps://t.co/12xYO2xvJS
60 students injured after police clashes with anti-Citizenship Act protesters at university campus in Aligarh, Utta… https://t.co/Qw4dIfaRWf