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09 April

La Libre | “One Hour Challenge”: Hozint

Source: La Libre 2018-04-07 PORTRAIT de Hozint Lauréat de la…

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29 March

Euractive | The Presidency: Europe’s security

Source: Euractive 2017-03-29 by Brian Maguire and Olivier Billot Europe…

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02 August

Xinhua: “How Europe to respond to terror, refugees after attacks spree?”

Source: Xinhua 2016-08-02 04:50:0 by Rahul Venkit BRUSSELS, Aug. 1…

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13 July

Microsoft | Hozint: From the Boostcamp to the Silicon Valley

Source: Microsoft Innovation Center 2016-07-03 by Jon Granadero Barak Obama,…

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29 June

Voice of America: “Keep Security in Mind”

Edoardo Camilli, CEO at Hozint – Horizon Intelligence, interviewed by…

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24 March

MSNBC | What security got wrong in Brussels attack

On March 24, 2106, Hozint’s CEO Edoardo Camilli commented on…

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That's more than 165 reports #travelsafe https://t.co/sAzBcQW22u
That's more than 99 reports. https://t.co/WKcewZ27tH
That's more than 1,034 reports including 136 on #terrorism and 77 #travelwarnings https://t.co/ZUhxVUNmli
More than 107 reports https://t.co/m4XHwKODRp
That's more than 443 reports published on the platform https://t.co/RD3kW0Ejsg
Russia | Office of internet troll farm involved in 2016 U.S. election set on fire in Saint Petersburg… https://t.co/KXUg6ZFuvA
That's more than 1,079 reports. https://t.co/IzXyT1q0UE
#Haiti | 11 killed in magnitude 5.9 #earthquake near Port-de-Paix https://t.co/ZApvR0EOng
That's 1,197 reports https://t.co/pqL8jzwRjL