On the media
6 kg of cocaine seized, 1 foreign national arrested at El Dorado International Airport, Capital District https://t.co/S4g2NBRbio
Twin airstrike kills 13 IS militants in western al-Anbar Governorate https://t.co/Z9lU0fTzfj
Flood warnings issued along Yorkshire coast, England https://t.co/dQ2nZqy6Lg
Large firework prompts bomb scare north Belfast, Northern Ireland https://t.co/2oGlnThm0A
30 drug smugglers arrested in joint police raids across Strait of Gibraltar https://t.co/wXJ83vl1ku
2 soldiers killed, 4 wounded in ATO zone https://t.co/2wihnpPSaJ
12.5 kg of gold confiscated at Rafik Hariri International Airport, Beirut Governorate https://t.co/w0aMaFjhUN
1000 kgs of explosives seized in Bagram district, Parwan Province https://t.co/mks5xP7N7L
Police seized 12 kilos of drugs near border, Yunnan province https://t.co/TDHL2bcpav
14 PKK militants killed in 2 separate airstrike https://t.co/qE53qB7p5x
Authorities seize weapons and explosives in Constantine Province https://t.co/imzmAziOvG
Foreign dronestrike kills 5 suspected al-Qaeda militants in Marib Province https://t.co/Ld1w06h9pM
Emergency landing at Václav Havel Airport in Prague https://t.co/oKBiSNABM7
2 tankers seized, crew arrested following firefight near Zuwara, Tripolitania Region https://t.co/we5s5aO0RD
Tanker carrying petroleum gas catches fire in İzmit Gulf, Kocaeli Province https://t.co/eXXyHD6icR
Demonstrations scheduled on May 1 in Caracas https://t.co/Co9G9LO3LR
A31 and M27 closed following fatal crash near Ringwood, England https://t.co/5EF1ziCCpH
State of emergency declared amidst wildfires in Irkutsk Region https://t.co/dr8SJGcQ7Q
State of emergency extended by 6 months https://t.co/6u27afGJ9D
Oil and gas facilities in Tataouine province to receive military protection https://t.co/EyHfFLyN1O