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    Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA)

    The Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) is an organization which acts as a network facilitator in the Euro-Atlantic and beyond. The ATA draws together political leaders, academics, and diplomats in an effort to further the values set forth in the North Atlantic Treaty. The Atlantic Treaty Association seeks, through discussion and political channels, to support the values set forth in the North Atlantic Treaty: Freedom, Liberty, Peace, Security, and the Rule of law. As such, the ATA acts as a forum for debate in which member associations can realize common interests and democratic goals in the ever-changing security environment of the 21st century. The Atlantic Treaty Association firmly believes in the strength of the transatlantic relationship – one which is fundamental to the stability of the international system in the 21st century. As such, the ATA remains instrumental in bridging values from both sides of the Atlantic in its effort to underpin the broader goals of the NATO Alliance.

        Global Risk Insights

        Global Risk Insights is your online source for political risk analysis. Every day, our global network of analysts identify and analyze political risks around the world and assess how they are impacting economic & business climates. Our goal is to help businesses and investors understand and adapt to these political risks and opportunities so they stay ahead of the competition. Our analysts range from current and former members of the US intelligence community, the financial sector, diplomatic corps to the Obama administration. Global Risk Insights’s daily analysis is widely referenced by the media, including the BBC, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Reuters and many more.

            Il Caffè Geopolitico

            Il Caffè Geopolitico is a Cultural Association as well as a Online Magazine. The project is developed by Italian young professionals with the aim to explain foreign affairs and geopolitics to the public through a solid and yet simple approach that combines solid analytical depth with direct and simple communications.

                International Security Observer (ISO)

                The International Security Observer (ISO) is a web-based think tank on international security and defence affairs. ISO was established in September 2011 in order to foster the next generation of security experts by encouraging discussions on strategic issues among junior and senior analysts. Our mission is to create the very first web-based think tank run by young professionals in foreign, security and defense affairs.

                ISO’s strength lies within its worldwide network of volunteer contributors, who come from different cultural backgrounds and disciplines. ISO conceives “security” in its broader sense, hence not only including military and intelligence affairs but also economic, energy, cyber and outer space issues.

                Our holistic approach is applied to the analysis of ongoing conflicts, emerging crises, terrorist and organized crime activities, energy and economic issues. In these fields, we seek to give our best in order to write deep and unconventional analyses by combining an open to the public style of writing with strong academic standards.

                  #Yemen | At least 20 killed, 40 injured after Saudi-led airstrike targets wedding in #Hajjah province https://t.co/Ct2dgLrwzu
                  #Spain: Possible air traffic controller #strike at #Barcelona #ElPrat #Airport in June https://t.co/9nhEs1dKyH
                  #Tajikistan | 7 arrested for #IslamicState links in Khujand, Sughd #threatintelligence https://t.co/2JRhTgQzep
                  Stay tuned on the latest security incident with Hozint's Threat Intelligence Platform. Discover more at… https://t.co/9r9h2RQ4NJ
                  Indonesia | 1 killed, 4 injured in a helicopter crash in Morowali, Southeast Sulawesi https://t.co/DzdayCe59x
                  #Austria | 40 injured after 2 passenger trains collide into each other in #Salzburg https://t.co/B1WI8EGipY
                  United Kingdom | Criminal incidents in 2018 #UK #crime https://t.co/Ajk2MwePJo
                  #Syria | #UN security team came under fire in #Douma, #OPCW #chemicalweapons https://t.co/XsP0rXueMJ
                  #Singapore | Warning issued over hacked #WhatsApp accounts scam #cybersecurity https://t.co/2VahGsyG5b
                  #Greece | Panhellenic Seamen's Federation (PNO) to organise 24-hour #strike #supplychain #logistics #transport https://t.co/woEVbYNNR2
                  Nigeria | 32 killed and 19 injured in Fulani herdsmen attacks in Nasarawa https://t.co/jhJ7a9AFQx
                  #Syria | Air strikes reported against #Shayrat airbase in #Homs province https://t.co/CzIxWuDuqO
                  #UnitedStates | #IslamicState threatens #NYC subway in latest poster https://t.co/Sl7NKIc1l2
                  #MENA | #Terrorism incidents Apr 1st - 15th https://t.co/A525jB2oo1
                  China | Attempted hostage situation on board of Air China flight 1350. The incident has been successfully tackled,… https://t.co/0PKcj3f4Kd
                  Australia | Mass evacuation due bushfire through Holsworthy military base, New South Wales https://t.co/TgCZ2G2tSc
                  Syria | US, UK and France strike Syrian chemical weapons sites https://t.co/FMvW92xPQy
                  Reports published on our platform #Horizon on April 12-13 #RiskAdvisory #TravelRisk https://t.co/0EgyyR5oBN
                  France | Union strikes in 2017-2018 https://t.co/3bBXi8u2AE
                  Cambridge Analytica | Global impact https://t.co/JSOIHp9BCx