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          15 Houthi fighters killed, multiple wounded during clash with the Yemen Army in Harib, Mar'ib #yemen #civilwarhttps://t.co/Pu1JiC7HDb
          50 civilians killed during terrorist attack in Tongomael, Soum #burkinafaso #terrorism #insurgencyhttps://t.co/MLxrlmSGAU
          State Department issues level 3 travel advisory due novel coronavirus #china #naturaldisaster #travelwarninghttps://t.co/j02mS5Tlzm
          [update] 20 soldiers killed, 5 injured during jihadist attack in Sokolo, Ségou region #mali #terrorism #insurgencyhttps://t.co/GKeOUqvwnJ
          15 killed, 3 injured following attack in Bokkos, Plateau State #nigeria #crime https://t.co/Hn7NiIcbLo https://t.co/kSMs9gTG6Q
          [update] Plane crash in Deh Yak, Ghazni #afghanistan #aviationsecurity https://t.co/YsWLlkqWX5 https://t.co/z63MkoZUU7
          PM Marjan Sarec resigns #slovenia #politics https://t.co/LDlEaF7yzU https://t.co/XJwBfeDyqD
          Ariana Afghan Airlines plane crashes in Deh Yak, Ghazni #afghanistan #aviationsecurity https://t.co/YsWLlkqWX5 https://t.co/WU6dLedBvp
          [update] 48 dead, 17 missing in Minas Gerais state #brazil #naturaldisaster https://t.co/VfDN68Ihrx https://t.co/eJgL5EGYMi
          At least 30 killed, several injured as GNA forces repel LNA attack in Abu Grein, Sirte District #libya #civilwarhttps://t.co/0IkjeorjGc
          9 dead in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California #unitedstates #aviationsecurity https://t.co/gULBpolhM6 https://t.co/qvOcnWHc0C
          80 deaths and 2,744 cases confirmed as coronavirus outbreak continues in Hubei & other parts of China #chinahttps://t.co/Nuv9tDBQ9H
          27 dead in the last 24h hours in Guanajuato #mexico #crime https://t.co/UvKItQ8W14 https://t.co/n5PpwcW3dR
          37 dead, 17 missing in Minas Gerais state, Brazil #brazil #naturaldisaster https://t.co/VfDN68Ihrx https://t.co/obNFn56UkE
          51 killed, 13 wounded, 6 arrested after Afghan forces conduct air strikes and ground attacks on the Taliban… https://t.co/3do17y8mfV
          9 dead, 3 wounded in an armed attack in Querétaro #mexico #crime https://t.co/LLLvf2rnan https://t.co/7yzXtyojYi
          Red alert issued over forest fire in Biobio and Lumaco #chile #naturaldisaster https://t.co/YzdnQoR2g9 https://t.co/LTzrW4J92s
          20 soldiers killed in jihadist attack in Sokolo, Ségou region #mali #terrorism #insurgency https://t.co/jf3rLXO3WF https://t.co/qpPGUGcQ8E
          Discover how #ArtificialIntelligence can be used to monitor the outbreak of #coronavirus across the globe https://t.co/0Jobwp2p9B
          38 terrorists killed by the France-led Operation Barkhane in separate operations in Mopti and Gao regions #malihttps://t.co/NMywWtVgUF