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          27 injured in road accident in Byas, Gandaki Pradesh #nepal #transport https://t.co/VxsgfbtgCK https://t.co/qRANQcDufI
          [update] 48,000 General Motors workers hold nationwide strike #unitedstates #strike https://t.co/hODQLSwEhc https://t.co/8P0zku92C9
          1 dead, 4 injured following yacht fire in Fethiye, Muğla Province #turkey #workplacedisaster https://t.co/Ljw6D4lmvi https://t.co/U747LPfAdQ
          3 killed following murders in Ashaiman, Greater Accra #ghana #crime https://t.co/kWWIHjSZa4 https://t.co/h9Ra8iYlz9
          9 injured in truck-bus collision in Ümraniye, Istanbul #turkey #transport https://t.co/1c7j7CIw1d https://t.co/Go4g6nEwW4
          At least 4 injured in clashes following protests in Tegucigalpa, Central District #honduras #civilunresthttps://t.co/4GqPnZijUf
          2 arrested for attempted murders in Bethelsdorp and Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape #southafrica #crimehttps://t.co/UzFHKwKdcO
          IRGC seizes fuel vessel and arrests crew in Strait of Hormuz #iran #oil #gas #piracy https://t.co/f6rcAMVkoz https://t.co/VsoT8F0BiT
          Arson attack on Slottskogshallen sports complex in Högsbo, Gothenburg #sweden #crime #workplacedisasterhttps://t.co/TM0B9yChij
          6 sentenced to death, 8 acquitted in terrorism trial in Damanhour, Behiera Governorate #egypt #crime #terrorismhttps://t.co/guZqFW1ro5
          Individuals arrested for 18 bags of narcotics at Mashhad International Airport (MHD) #iran #aviationsecurity #crimehttps://t.co/OMcmPMMPOx
          At least 28 injured in protest violence in Hong Kong #china #civilunrest https://t.co/LhppITuZw9 https://t.co/cXSH2Svz11
          1 killed, 9 injured after train-bus crash in Ushkonyr, Almaty #kazakhstan #transport https://t.co/EXyNpGHDHJ https://t.co/8XWC4lfQpI
          2 arrested following seizure of cocaine in Beirut #lebanon #crime https://t.co/qDrtmcc6VQ https://t.co/w7wDrTx7tB
          12 injured after a blast in a factory in Yamuna Nagar, Haryana #india #workplacedisaster https://t.co/DeLeslOBJS https://t.co/ONsLkdJ4Lt
          1 dead, 2 arrested in murder case in Joensuu, North Karelia #finland #crime https://t.co/7V1imCYDNk https://t.co/9uYoJHnOk3
          1 killed, 5 injured in IED blast in Ghazni province #afghanistan #terrorism #insurgency https://t.co/8YwSORk7Nv https://t.co/Sn15rP7Cpi
          At least 1 injured, 2 arrested following brawl in Salo, Southwest Finland #finland #crime https://t.co/jkOQrbcREt https://t.co/Wv1eFpyfG1
          2 injured, 2 arrested in scuffle in Kaartinkaupunki, Helsinki #finland #crime https://t.co/0Rfnk5d3Bj https://t.co/YwBQrEfmJr
          3 dead following airstrikes in Gara region #iraq #war https://t.co/OdCBk2wXb3 https://t.co/bpYFg17Wjw