Horizon is global risk and travel security monitoring platform. It provides 24/7 realtime alerts on political, security and safety risks worldwide. Horizon monitors media and social media to identify critical events that could affect your business operation and travels. Horizon is specially designed for: Corporate security departments; Political risk advisory firms; Travel security managers; Public safety agencies; Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior; Insurance companies; Investment banking ; NGOs; Academics;



Online dashboard

Our online platform provides an easy access to political, security & safety risk-related information (e.g. terrorism, crime, civil unrest, strikes, aviation & transport security, natural disasters, epidemic).

Email alerts

Receive customised email alerts directly in your inbox in realtime, daily and weekly digests. 


Discover trends and patterns that can affect your business or that of your clients in the medium/long term.


Set up a geofence around your office, hotel or production areas and receive notifications for the locations most relevant to you.

Impact assessment

Filter out relevant information from circumstantial ones with qualitative impact assessment provided by our experts.

Impact assessment

Filter out relevant information from circumstantial ones with qualitative impact assessment provided by our experts.

How it works

API integration

You can integrate Horizon’s reports into your own dashboard, software and mobile applications via our Application Programming Interface (API). Thanks to our API your organisation can easily add the latest security alerts into your applications and push them to  employees and customers. 



Reports / day


Reports / Week


Reports / Month 


Reports on our database 



Gareth Sephton

Information & Communications Manager, Security Exchange Ltd

Horizon provides Security Exchange with a highly valuable source of global security incidents and analysis of geopolitical trends.

Microsoft Innovation Center


Hozint is one of the winners of the 6th edition of the Microsoft BoostCamp.

Jan Berthold

Amatheon Agri Holding N.V.

Horizon is a valuable component of our worldwide threat monitoring system which keeps us updated and allows us to quickly react.

Jason Wiseman

Secretary General of the Atlantic Treaty Association

Horizon has proven itself a valuable tool in our research efforts focusing on a range of global security issues.


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2 dead, 1 injured following shooting in Jefferson County, Alabama #unitedstates #crime https://t.co/p5Wbz2QvBh https://t.co/gpvhW0AgmD
1 female dead, 1 male suspect arrested following shooting in Makiki, Hawaii #unitedstates #crimehttps://t.co/R9BkObVRpU
1 male dead following shooting in Toronto, Ontario #canada #crime https://t.co/3Ncv6IUPDD https://t.co/w0AlmLiZwO
China calls off additional tariffs set to kick in on some US goods as the two countries pull back from their trade… https://t.co/JRhtWwSYRn
2-year old girl dead, 1 male suspect arrested following shooting in Pataskala, Ohio #unitedstates #crimehttps://t.co/AKmHl6SnMV
19 Fulani herdsmen killed in clashes with Boko Haram in Fuhe, Borno State #nigeria #terrorism #insurgencyhttps://t.co/s6p8i7Di9v
22 victims of Ugandan rebels found dead in the eastern part of the country #democraticrepublicofcongo #civilwarhttps://t.co/2FCMxjZCBm
Banking regulator has ordered the dismissal of 11 senior executives at non-state banks in the past two years… https://t.co/I8vx5kEZVQ
1 teenager stabbed to death in Brighton #unitedkingdom #crime https://t.co/61NzZZJn2O https://t.co/lcpHmJTvCE
1 dead, 1 injured following shooting in New Orleans, Louisiana #unitedstates #crime https://t.co/OSu2KCSz4N https://t.co/pckoyghIgn
1 female dead following shooting in Oakland, California #unitedstates #crime https://t.co/cJLpVjyCgZ https://t.co/fCbHR9fxUj
1 dead, 3 injured following shooting in Columbus, Georgia #unitedstates #crime https://t.co/9JqzsfZe32 https://t.co/ecjSeIaKxY
Anti-citizenship amendment act protesters obstruct key highways, West Bengal #india #civilunresthttps://t.co/69EMt1ezvk
COP 25 climate talks end with no deal on carbon markets #spain #diplomacy #energy https://t.co/qxguXyepAl https://t.co/AKjLzvUJbO
1 confirmed dead, 4 injured and several people trapped after earthquake in Davao del Sur #philippineshttps://t.co/IjLL0jD1JQ
At least 15 killed in Boko Haram attack in Magumeri, Borno State #nigeria #terrorism #insurgencyhttps://t.co/cBm0eghbQK
1 shot by armed police in Hull, East Yorkshire #unitedkingdom #crime https://t.co/wS47ShyBU7 https://t.co/ptsjcx0uwg
Death toll rises to 17 and 14 others wounded in fire at plastics factory, Keraniganj, Dhaka #bangladeshhttps://t.co/ZbeYmdlgYr
UK government issue travel warning ahead of Dec. 16 demonstrations in Banjul #gambia #socialtrouble #travelwarninghttps://t.co/8YtimXYa9e
Armed forces kill Nyatura second commander in Maisisi, North Kivu #democraticrepublicofcongo #terrorism #insurgencyhttps://t.co/s8VcHIVggR