Horizon is global risk and travel security monitoring platform. It provides 24/7 realtime alerts on political, security and safety risks worldwide. Horizon monitors media and social media to identify critical events that could affect your business operation and travels. Horizon is specially designed for: Corporate security departments; Political risk advisory firms; Travel security managers; Public safety agencies; Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior; Insurance companies; Investment banking ; NGOs; Academics;



Online dashboard

Our online platform provides an easy access to political, security & safety risk-related information (e.g. terrorism, crime, civil unrest, strikes, aviation & transport security, natural disasters, epidemic).

Email alerts

Receive customised email alerts directly in your inbox in realtime, daily and weekly digests. 


Discover trends and patterns that can affect your business or that of your clients in the medium/long term.


Set up a geofence around your office, hotel or production areas and receive notifications for the locations most relevant to you.

Impact assessment

Filter out relevant information from circumstantial ones with qualitative impact assessment provided by our experts.

Impact assessment

Filter out relevant information from circumstantial ones with qualitative impact assessment provided by our experts.

How it works

API integration

You can integrate Horizon’s reports into your own dashboard, software and mobile applications via our Application Programming Interface (API). Thanks to our API your organisation can easily add the latest security alerts into your applications and push them to  employees and customers. 



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Gareth Sephton

Information & Communications Manager, Security Exchange Ltd

Horizon provides Security Exchange with a highly valuable source of global security incidents and analysis of geopolitical trends.

Microsoft Innovation Center


Hozint is one of the winners of the 6th edition of the Microsoft BoostCamp.

Jan Berthold

Amatheon Agri Holding N.V.

Horizon is a valuable component of our worldwide threat monitoring system which keeps us updated and allows us to quickly react.

Jason Wiseman

Secretary General of the Atlantic Treaty Association

Horizon has proven itself a valuable tool in our research efforts focusing on a range of global security issues.


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Southwest Boeing 737-800 flight WN1643 suffers runway excursion at Omaha Airport, Nebraska #unitedstateshttps://t.co/5ysJJtPzcl
13 rebels killed in army operation in Rakine state #myanmar #terrorism #insurgency https://t.co/O46ps96w8H https://t.co/LpjD27vRKx
Court rules pastor Mawarire to stand trial for subverting government #zimbabwe #politics https://t.co/zbLYG8OHLX https://t.co/HqCc1KKvb6
President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un will meet for a second summit in February #northkorea #unitedstateshttps://t.co/R9jWKKLijT
At least 11 al-Qaeda affiliated people killed in Idlib and 20 others killed in IS-held village of Baghouz #syriahttps://t.co/7iFcCrzeRN
1 killed, 7 injured after bombing and fighting in Narathiwat and Pattani #thailand #terrorism #insurgencyhttps://t.co/ae3j5mvMmJ
UN: At least 34 people killed, 59 wounded, and 241 arrested since disputed provisional election results… https://t.co/gFksogiL0r
Report analyzes effects of climate change on the Department of Defense #unitedstates #naturaldisaster #securityhttps://t.co/4uL61kxv6h
1 police officer killed, 7 injured, 2 arrested in separate armed attacks to the police in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua… https://t.co/h8RmMQCfuu
At least 2 killed and 7 injured in vehicles' collision around Molete in Ibadan #nigeria #transporthttps://t.co/Fgosnd6Xb0
Lyon-Rennes flight makes emergency landing at LYS airport following bomb threat #france #aviationsecurityhttps://t.co/RDDxbAD8fa
2 bodies found in a possible clandestine grave in Villa Fontana Aqua, Tlajomulco de Zuñiga #mexico #crimehttps://t.co/FDbddOoXzj
24 arrested in anti-drug operation in Loja and Guayaquil #ecuador #crime https://t.co/arUExXocbO https://t.co/qtJit6ppqd
7 civilians belonging to the Oromo Liberation Front killed in the western Oromia region #ethiopia #civilunresthttps://t.co/UAn5A3ePzO
72 people ordered to be detained over suspected links to FETO in province of Izmir #turkey #politicshttps://t.co/LxgveHpeSX
1 injured, 1 arrested in supermarket stabbing incident, investigated as terror attack in Oslo #norway #crimehttps://t.co/zVzpDYUZbx
Russia to supply 7 Mi-35, 3 Mi-17 helicopters to Serbia #russia #serbia #security #tradeagreementhttps://t.co/nHfS4J2ly9
1 killed in shooting at the bus terminal in Talca, Maule #chile #crime https://t.co/wWQ8Mt8qfn https://t.co/1Ukf8Oj63K
FCO - Demonstration in Budapest on January 19 #hungary #socialtrouble #transport #travelwarninghttps://t.co/PA4xP26Bjr