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Shivali HK - India
Abdel-Basset Boulelouah - Algeria
Petr Boháček - Czech Republic
Alisa Nesterenko - Russia

A tremendous asset in my professional life!

My 2 month tenure at Hozint has provided a solid background and proven to be a tremendous asset in my professional life. The organisation provided me with a platform to independently monitor and analyse news pertaining to Asia which is my area of interest. Though it was an online internship, the ease with which one can approach the superiors and their constant virtual presence never made me feel disconnected with the organisational setup. Their patience, teaching and availability has been very valuable for me.

Shivali HK - India

A unique opportunity to boost my analytical skills!

My 6 months internship at Hozint was a unique opportunity to develop my analytical skills. Besides writing daily reports, I had the occasion to perform analyses and forecasts on the political and security situation in the MENA region. Having an experience in the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is in fact a valuable asset. OSINT techniques can be used in various careers.

Abdel-Basset Boulelouah - Algeria

The first and most important step in launching my career in political risk!

Interning at Horizon was the first and most important step in launching my career in political risk. It provided me with the most essential skills in assessing security threats and writing concise analysis.

Petr Boháček - Czech Republic

Interning at Hozint helped me to acquire a variety of new skills!

Interning at Hozint helped me to acquire a variety of new skills. Besides, monitoring and analysing the news gave me a chance to expand my knowledge and gain a better understanding of the current state of affairs in various regions. It was also very convenient to be able to work from home and to manage my own schedule. On the whole, my internship with Hozint proved to be both valuable and enjoyable experience.

Alisa Nesterenko - Russia

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