Who we are

Hozint - Horizon Intelligence is a consulting firm providing location-based media and social media monitoring service on political, security and safety risks.

Our mission is to provide our clients with a constant flow of timely and relevant information to assist organisations in assessing and mitigating political, security and safety risks. Hozint provides a systematic examination of information to identify potential threats, risks, emerging issues and opportunities, allowing for better preparedness into the decision making process.

Our solution is an online dashboard “Horizon” that provides an easy access to political-risk related information. Through text miners we scan the web to identify information on terrorism-related incidents, crime, civil unrest, strikes, natural disasters and outbreak of epidemics. These information are then cross-referenced by a team of experienced analysts that perform a double-check on the accuracy of the information. Each report is then geo-tagged and assessed in terms of impact for the business operations and travels.

Our unique approach. At Hozint we have identified the powerful combination between automatized data-mining with the qualitative assessment of information provided by subject matter experts. This means that contrary to most of the news aggregators and data mining tools, our dashboard Horizon is capable of not only notifying our clients when a specific event occurs but also explaining the situation and how it can affect their business. All this in almost real-time.

Turkish Airlines plane makes emergency landing in #Kermanshah over technical failure https://t.co/2WvCSZz8S0
#romania Large anti-corruption protest in #Bucharest https://t.co/lLMRlnNnZp
OSAC | Update on Wildfires in #Chile https://t.co/r2QRze3GUV
#Lebanon OSAC | Caution in light of recent foiled suicide attack in #Hamra https://t.co/1zbcspcyoT
#Japan 140 flights canceled over snow storm in #Hokkaido https://t.co/lgvbU9RgQU
USA: State of emergency declared in Georgia following storms https://t.co/2vCzOEDqtI
Taiwan: Protest against pension plan reform in Taipei https://t.co/R4ew17Jeug
Israel: Israeli Arabs protested house demolition in Wadi Ara, Haifa District https://t.co/JHJ8ENkGyM
Bahrain: 37 injured in anti-regime protests in Sitra, Ma’ameer and Nuwaidrat https://t.co/VZEzlGZswd
Mali: 14 GATIA militia killed in Azwad Movement attack in Tin-Essako, Kidal region https://t.co/Wx4vuh6Pxr
Bangladesh: Anti-Rampal coal power plant protest in https://t.co/IVa1fWYtRY
India: 2 killed, 57 injured in jallikattu festival in Pudukkottai district, Tamil Nadu https://t.co/OkSOa20Dh0
Turkey: 3 PKK militants killed in a security operation in Mardin https://t.co/adFUBreloK
Somalia: Senior Al Shabaab commander killed in El-Dhuun Adegow, Bay region https://t.co/Rb3mSHazLU
Yemen: 3 AQAP militants were killed in a U.S. drone strikes in Bayda province https://t.co/Nvmni7UzU4
India: 2 soldiers killed in militants attack in Tinsukia district, Assam https://t.co/FGLhEd1zsm
Niger: 2 soldiers killed, 7 wounded in Boko Haram attacked in Gueskérou, Diffa region https://t.co/ZrBJ8xSclb
PNG: 7.9 earthquake struck off Arawa, tsunami warnings lifted https://t.co/Ma0JFFibQx
2 killed in car bomb explosion near Italian embassy in #Tripoli https://t.co/UA5WphYU10
UK tour operators have temporarily suspended flights https://t.co/Huq2qf5dJZ