Who we are

Hozint - Horizon Intelligence is a global risk and travel security solution provider.

Our mission is to provide our clients with timely and relevant information to mitigate their exposure to safety and security risks.

Our solution is a web platform “Horizon” that combines media and social medial monitoring with accurate geotagging and impact assessment provided by subject matter experts.

3 injured in suspected car attack in Heidelberg https://t.co/X9k9RRrZrp
2 wounded during shooting in Raytown, Missouri https://t.co/tmss5lDFBw
Authorities seize 45,000 litres of stolen fuel in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila state https://t.co/cKak4f3j0k
Police defuse bomb discovered outside police station in Dafni, Athens https://t.co/UKvZ42r5p8
1 shot during gunfight outside nightclub in Tulsa, Oklahoma https://t.co/SbX4JEpWdZ
Trade union leader killed during ambush in Cordoba, Veracruz state https://t.co/Z4IFJ4XwAC
4 killed in gas pipeline explosion near Rumuji, Rivers state https://t.co/spyTDn9P9S
Alitalia reaches agreement with employees to put an end to strike action https://t.co/snTertmv3S
Police investigating shooting in Athens, Alabama https://t.co/tRsJUV2E8q
Local residents kill 3 suspected rebel fighters in Mount Elgon, Bungoma County https://t.co/UwS4Qgbau1
At least 17 al-Shabaab militants killed by IED explosion in Middle Shabelle region https://t.co/XCHZpxn4Fq
Christian families leaving Sinai due to increase in terrorist attacks https://t.co/W2DiBWL9cp
Local government employees to hold protests in Bengaluru, Karnataka state https://t.co/D0wvraklTG
2 injured from IED explosion in Nusaybin, Mardin province https://t.co/KPbiUTQdnw
Several homes evacuated due to bomb threat against high school in Junction City, Oregon https://t.co/HQdMUM2Toa
Gunmen kill police officer in Parque Dom João Neri, Sao Paulo https://t.co/kn7FhjrTQ2
2 wounded during shooting at metro station in Prince George’s County, Maryland https://t.co/uVMpoqcIHH
Pro and anti-government rallies held in downtown Manila https://t.co/KUpkVlqRqa
Explosion at factory in Grodno region leaves 5 injured https://t.co/MGWysBanC9
Public bus drivers to hold nationwide strike on February 27 https://t.co/KN5O9XhlHS