About us

Hozint – Horizon Intelligence is a threat intelligence solution provider based in Brussels, Belgium.


Since 2014, our mission is to provide our clients with timely and relevant information to mitigate their exposure to safety and security risks.


Our platform combines human and artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure the highest level of accuracy, timeliness and granularity.


Our name Horizon Intelligence is the combination of the concepts of “Horizon scanning” and “Intelligence”. Our acronym “Hozint” takes elements from both concepts in a way that recalls OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) as our core business.


Our logo is in the shape of a map pin that represents our geolocated risk intelligence alerts. The pin is composed of three elements:


  1. 1. The inner circle symbolizes the human element. Human intelligence is central to our work. Our workflow starts with human input and ends with human output. Human intelligence is essential to transform information into intelligence and to provide accuracy and veracity.
  2. 2. The outer circle represents Artificial Intelligence. Since we started developing our own AI software in 2017, our main goal has been to enhance human capabilities and expand its focus and efficiency. We use AI to automate the repetitive tasks that analysts need to go through when collecting and analysing open sources so as to free their time for more qualitative-based tasks. AI is also the technology that helps humans to cover more and faster.
  3. 3. The dark blue arrow at the bottom of the pin symbolises the outcome of the synergy between human intelligence and AI: Accuracy, Timeliness and Granularity.


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