Real-Time Risk Intelligence

Hozint is a situational awareness monitoring platform powered by human and Artificial Intelligence

Our services

Risk Intelligence

Our risk intelligence platform combines human and artificial intelligence for unparalleled accuracy, timeliness and granularity.


Hozint provides access to the latest safety, security, travel alerts and country risk profiles from our risk intelligence services via Application Programming Interface (API). 

Bespoke analysis

We provide bespoke analyses to clients with specific needs. Our products are developed in consultation with the client to ensure actionable results.

Risk Intelligence

Horizon+ is an all-in-one dashboard providing user-friendly access to both analyst-verified reports and real-time alerts generated by our proprietary AI technology. 

Horizon+ scans information from media and social media so you can identify, verify, and be notified of any potential threats to your physical security and business continuity. 

The combination of human and artificial intelligence guarantees unparalleled accuracy, timeliness and granularity.


Hozint provides access to its data feed of safety, security and travel risk alerts via Application Programming Interface (API).


We provide APIs for:


· Human-verified alerts

· AI-generated alerts

· Country profiles