13 May

Paris Attack | An overview on terrorism in France since 2015

On May 12, 1 person was killed and 4 others…

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13 November

Last week on Horizon (Nov. 6th-12th)

Last week Horizon released 1074 reports on political, security & safety issues…

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06 November

The week ahead | Scheduled events for Nov. 6th-12th

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30 October

Visualise future events with Horizon

Did you know that with Horizon you can visualise scheduled…

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18 August

#BarcelonaAttack | An overview on terrorism in Spain

On August 17th, a van rammed into civilians at Las…

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19 April

Transport & Logistic: Security events list report

This report is extracted from: Horizon – Global Risk &…

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That's more than 165 reports #travelsafe
That's more than 99 reports.
That's more than 1,034 reports including 136 on #terrorism and 77 #travelwarnings
More than 107 reports
That's more than 443 reports published on the platform
Russia | Office of internet troll farm involved in 2016 U.S. election set on fire in Saint Petersburg…
That's more than 1,079 reports.
#Haiti | 11 killed in magnitude 5.9 #earthquake near Port-de-Paix
That's 1,197 reports