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La Libre | “One Hour Challenge”: Hozint

Source: La Libre 2018-04-07 PORTRAIT de Hozint Lauréat de la sixième édition du Boostcamp du MIC Brussels, en 2014, le projet Hozint n’aura pas traîné en chemin : un mois après le lancement de la plateforme, le ministère canadien des Affaires étrangères faisait appel aux services d’Hozint (contraction de “Horizon” et “Intelligence”). Il s’agit d’une […]
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Euractive | The Presidency: Europe’s security

Source: Euractive 2017-03-29 by Brian Maguire and Olivier Billot Europe is facing many security challenges. The Maltese Presidency has made it a priority. The Presidency is a video series by EURACTIV.com, looking at the priorities of the Council Presidency. In this debate, Brian Maguire moderates a discussion on security. Brian was joined in the studio […]
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Xinhua: “How Europe to respond to terror, refugees after attacks spree?”

Source: Xinhua 2016-08-02 04:50:0 by Rahul Venkit BRUSSELS, Aug. 1 (Xinhua) — With Europe still reeling from a wave of recent terror attacks in Germany and France, tough questions confront the continent as to how it will affect public opinion, politics and refugee policy. In one week alone, Germany was rocked by an axe attack […]
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Microsoft | Hozint: From the Boostcamp to the Silicon Valley

Source: Microsoft Innovation Center 2016-07-03 by Jon Granadero Barak Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin, were only just some of the key speakers at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in San Francisco last month. As well, as a name that many had never even heard of, Hozint. The Belgian Microsoft Innovation Center Boostcamp winner of 2014. […]
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Voice of America: “Keep Security in Mind”

Edoardo Camilli, CEO at Hozint – Horizon Intelligence, interviewed by Voice of America at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in San Francisco, California. Camilli says it’s important for companies to be mindful of security, especially as they grow. Source: Voice of America June 25, 2016
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MSNBC | What security got wrong in Brussels attack

On March 24, 2106, Hozint’s CEO Edoardo Camilli commented on the Brussels attacks for MSNBC. Source: MSNBC 2016-3–24 By Chris Jansing
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NATO Review: Hozint’s CEO Edoardo Camilli analyzes Paris attacks

NATO Review: Hozint’s CEO Edoardo Camilli analyzes Paris attacks

On November 13th, 2015, a coordinated terrorist attack in Paris killed 130 people and injured 352 others. The attack was carried out by a commando of at least 8 Islamic State terrorists divided in 3 groups, and masterminded by Belgian national Abdelhamid Abaaoud, killed in a raid in Saint-Denis on November 18th. Some of the […]
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The Insider | Open Source Intelligence for Corporate Security

In the November issue, the Oil & Gas magazine The Insider published a contribution on the role of open source intelligence for corporate security by Hozint’s CEO Edoardo Camilli. The article can be read at pages 8-10.  

Hozint on the Italian defense magazine Airpress

On September 23 the Italian defense magazine Airpress published an article about Hozint. The article describes how our political risk monitoring platform Horizon can strongly contribute to reduce the “noise” of information overload. The article praise Horizon‘s winning balance between technology (data mining tools) and the human factor (analysts) that provides a further quality check to the […]
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Russian International Affairs Council – Boko Haram and the future of Nigeria

Source: RIAC 2015-2-16 By Edoardo Camilli On February 8, 2015, Nigeria’s electoral commission decided to delay the presidential elections, previously scheduled for February 14, 2015, by six weeks due to security concerns. The commission stated that the army was already too overstretched in fighting Boko Haram and would be unable to provide the necessary security during […]
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At least 4 injured in clashes following protests in Tegucigalpa, Central District #honduras #civilunresthttps://t.co/4GqPnZijUf
2 arrested for attempted murders in Bethelsdorp and Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape #southafrica #crimehttps://t.co/UzFHKwKdcO
IRGC seizes fuel vessel and arrests crew in Strait of Hormuz #iran #oil #gas #piracy https://t.co/f6rcAMVkoz https://t.co/VsoT8F0BiT
Arson attack on Slottskogshallen sports complex in Högsbo, Gothenburg #sweden #crime #workplacedisasterhttps://t.co/TM0B9yChij
6 sentenced to death, 8 acquitted in terrorism trial in Damanhour, Behiera Governorate #egypt #crime #terrorismhttps://t.co/guZqFW1ro5
Individuals arrested for 18 bags of narcotics at Mashhad International Airport (MHD) #iran #aviationsecurity #crimehttps://t.co/OMcmPMMPOx
At least 28 injured in protest violence in Hong Kong #china #civilunrest https://t.co/LhppITuZw9 https://t.co/cXSH2Svz11
1 killed, 9 injured after train-bus crash in Ushkonyr, Almaty #kazakhstan #transport https://t.co/EXyNpGHDHJ https://t.co/8XWC4lfQpI
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1 dead, 2 arrested in murder case in Joensuu, North Karelia #finland #crime https://t.co/7V1imCYDNk https://t.co/9uYoJHnOk3
1 killed, 5 injured in IED blast in Ghazni province #afghanistan #terrorism #insurgency https://t.co/8YwSORk7Nv https://t.co/Sn15rP7Cpi
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Power supply disrupted in 11 Afghan provinces after militants destroy pylons in Baghlan #afghanistan #electricityhttps://t.co/Dewtsniw3W
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