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Euractive | The Presidency: Europe’s security

Euractive | The Presidency: Europe’s security

Source: Euractive
by Brian Maguire and Olivier Billot

Europe is facing many security challenges. The Maltese Presidency has made it a priority.

The Presidency is a video series by EURACTIV.com, looking at the priorities of the Council Presidency. In this debate, Brian Maguire moderates a discussion on security.

Brian was joined in the studio by:
-NATO Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges Ambassador Sorin Ducaru
-Friends of Europe Deputy Director for Security and Geopolitics Pauline Massart
-Horizon Intelligence Founder Edoardo Camilli
-Deputy Director of the Antall Jószef Knowledge Centre Ildiko Voller-Szenci

The Presidency is supported by the Maltese Presidency.

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