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Horizon | New version released

Horizon | New version released

We are excited to announce you that the new Horizon Threat Intelligence Platform has been released! The new version includes a complete redesign of the user interface and plenty of new features!




What’s new?

The new look has been designed to optimize the user’s experience with the platform and to integrate new features, such as:

  • New advanced map visualisation options for qualitative and quantitative geographical analysis (more below);

  • New analytic tools to easily turn data into insights and discover new trends (more below);

  • Improved visualization of reports with the list and preview now on the same page (more below);

New advanced mapping



The new interactive map offers 3 different options to visualise reports:

  1. Report view: shows reports in the form of clustered  or individual markers representing the category of the event (e.g. security, safety, travel warning, etc.);

  2. Impact view: shows reports in the form of coloured dots representing the qualitative impact assessment of the single report (red = high / yellow = low);

  3. Heatmap: shows the relative number of reports for a given location;

Integrated data analytics



The new analytic tool allows you to display data with interactive charts to easily get insights and discover new trends. The available charts are:

  1. Number of reports: it displays the number of incident/information published over a selected timeframe;

  2. Impact level: it displays the number of reports by their qualitative impact assessment (low, medium, high, extreme);

  3. Victims: it displays the number of victims in the selected period (e.g. dead, wounded, arrested, missing, hostages);

  4. Categories: it displays the number of reports by category (e.g. security, safety, politics, etc.);

  5. Topics: it displays the number of report by sub-category (e.g. terrorism, crime, civil unrest, natural disaster, etc.);

New report view


The list and reports are now in a separate tab, hence allowing you to visualise all information at once.


Do you want to see it in action?

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