HOZINT and AVSEC360 Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Aviation Security Solutions


May 20, 2024 – Brussels, Belgium


HOZINT, a leading provider of innovative security alert solutions combining human and artificial intelligence, and AVSEC360, a renowned consulting and training service provider for the aviation sector, are excited to announce a strategic partnership aimed at delivering comprehensive and cost-effective security solutions to the aviation industry.


This partnership leverages HOZINT’s advanced expertise in developing cutting-edge security technologies to provide accurate and timely alerts in critical situations. HOZINT’s solutions are designed to enhance situational awareness and decision-making processes, ensuring heightened security and safety measures for their clients.


“We are thrilled to partner with AVSEC360,” said Edoardo Camilli, CEO of HOZINT. “This collaboration allows us to integrate our state-of-the-art alert system with AVSEC360’s exceptional consulting services and specialized training programs. Together, we will offer a holistic approach to aviation security that meets the dynamic needs of the industry.”


AVSEC360 has built a strong reputation for offering top-tier consulting services and specialized training designed to enhance the skills of professionals and companies within the aviation sector. Their mission focuses on utilizing innovative didactic and methodological resources to tailor learning experiences that address the current needs of their clients. AVSEC360 is dedicated to improving the proficiency of human resources in the aviation sector, fostering a more solid and up-to-date industry.


The collaboration between HOZINT and AVSEC360 will enable clients to benefit from a comprehensive security solution that includes real-time alerts, advanced risk assessments, and specialized training programs. This partnership is set to transform how aviation security is managed, offering a robust and integrated approach to safeguarding the aviation sector.


For more information about this partnership and the solutions offered, please visit HOZINT‘s website and AVSEC360‘s website.




HOZINT provides a solution that combines human and artificial intelligence to offer accurate and timely alerts in critical situations. Their expertise in developing advanced security technologies helps enhance decision-making processes and situational awareness for a variety of clients.


About AVSEC360:
AVSEC360 offers consulting services and specialized security training to professionals and companies within the aviation sector. They use innovative didactic and methodological resources to design learning experiences tailored to current client needs and are committed to enhancing the skills of both workers and organizations within the sector.



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