Hozint Joins EU-Funded “Analyst” Project to Elevate Intelligence and Strategic Planning Across Europe

We are excited to announce Hozint’s participation in the EU-funded project “Analyst,” a groundbreaking initiative designed to meet the growing demand for proficient professionals in intelligence analysis and strategic planning. As our multipolar society becomes increasingly complex, the ability to research and analyze diverse quantitative and qualitative data sources is more critical than ever. This expertise supports informed decision-making processes across various sectors, including government, politics, technology, engineering, environmental management, and social services.


The “Analyst” project aims to produce high-quality educational materials tailored to cultivate the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for effective intelligence and strategic planning. By enhancing collaboration and knowledge-sharing across Europe, the project seeks to elevate the role of intelligence, security, and strategic planning while addressing labor market demands with tailored training programs.



Project Objectives


The “Analyst” project has several key objectives:


1. Enhance Collaboration and Knowledge-Sharing Across Europe: By fostering a culture of collaboration, the project aims to create a robust network of intelligence analysts who can share insights and best practices.
2. Elevate the Role of Intelligence, Security, and Strategic Planning: The project underscores the importance of these fields in supporting informed decision-making and strategic initiatives.
3. Develop a Comprehensive Profile for Intelligence Analysts: This involves identifying the key knowledge, skills, and aptitudes that intelligence analysts need to make a significant impact in our evolving society.
4. Shape Tailored Training Programs: The project will integrate professional tools for hands-on experience, ensuring that training programs meet labour market demands.
5. Establish a European Intelligence Analyst Network: This network will serve as a platform for continuous learning and professional development.


Key Activities


The “Analyst” project includes several pivotal activities to achieve its objectives:


Transnational Research and Intelligence Analyst Job Profile

This activity involves identifying the main knowledge, skills, and aptitudes that intelligence analysts should possess. By defining these criteria, the project aims to ensure that analysts are well-equipped to perform their roles effectively and create a meaningful impact.


Intelligence Analyst Training Programme and MOOC

An innovative training program will be designed, consisting of both theoretical classes and practical training. The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) will offer dynamic learning opportunities for high-quality intelligence analysis, ensuring that participants gain both foundational knowledge and practical skills.


Summer School and Internship Programme

A unique 5-day summer school will bridge the skills gap between theoretical training and simulated risk scenarios. The courses will focus on understanding vulnerabilities, risk probabilities, strategic information management, and data collection and analysis. Additionally, a three-month internship in each participant country will provide intelligence analysts with opportunities to achieve employment-related competencies under the supervision of Hozint. This internship experience aims to facilitate the transition from education to employment.

Dissemination and International Analyst Conference

To foster a robust intellectual community, the project will establish a European Intelligence Analyst Network. This network will relate relevant ideas to the policy arena and promote cooperation among professionals. An Annual Intelligence Conference will be launched, encouraging the exchange of shared activities and best practices across multidisciplinary sectors and stakeholders.


Partners Involved


We are proud to collaborate with esteemed partners in this endeavour, including:



Hozint is thrilled to be a part of the “Analyst” project, and we look forward to contributing to the development of a new generation of intelligence analysts equipped to navigate the complexities of our modern world. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress and initiatives.


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