Real-Time Risk Intelligence

Hozint is a situational awareness monitoring platform powered by human and Artificial Intelligence

About Hozint

Hozint is an AI-enabled global threats monitoring platform
We provide the most cost-effective solution for realtime risk alerts on physical security & situational awareness by combining human and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

How it works

1. Artificial Intelligence

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) alerts help you respond to critical events in near real-time by providing a constant flow of timely and relevant information.

2. Human verification

Our team of analysts fact-checks the information discovered by the AI to ensure veracity and accuracy so that you can proceed with speed and confidence.

3. Dissemination

Both the AI-generated and the human-verified alerts are accessible via a user-friendly dashboard and APIs for an easy integration into third-party applications.

Why Hozint?


Since time is a critical element, AI-generated alerts mean instant notifications as soon as relevant information is available on open sources.


The human-supervised AI ensures the highest relevancy and the lowest information noise that services that only rely exclusively on either analysts or automation cannot match.


Our forward-looking alerts will notify with days and weeks in advance so that you can plan ahead and mitigate potential disruptions.


We translate content from dozens of languages across the globe into English for a quick and easy understanding of the topic.


Thanks to our APIs you can easily import real-time alerts and country profiles into your own platforms and applications.


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