ICT Security in Financial Institutions Conference – Fighting Cyber Crime

ICT Security in Financial Institutions Conference – Fighting Cyber Crime

Hozint – Horizon Intelligence is Partner Organisation of the “ICT Security in Financial Institutions Conference – Fighting Cyber Crime”, which will be held in Budapest, Hungary, on 9-10 June 2015. The event is co-organized by the Banking Association for Central and Eastern Europe (BACEE) and The Institute for Banking Education of the National Bank of Slovakia. Hozint will provide discounts to the risk monitoring platform Horizon to all the attendees.

Conference description:

2014 will go down in history as one of the worst years of cybersecurity ever. The breaches at several of the largest US retailers have compromised the credit info for millions of consumers, a major international entertainment company suffered one of the most severe hackers attacks in history.

Why is it that cybersecurity innovations and solutions are being created daily, but we’ve had some of the worst breaches ever last year? How is the cybersecurity industry coping with the challenges? ARE WE SAFE?

The conference’s main subjects are:

  • Cybersecurity attacks in 2014 – lessons for 2015 and beyond
  • Main cybersecurity problems in the financial sector
  • Profile of the cyber criminal – what do we know?
  • Innovations and solutions in network protection
  • Fighting spyware and malware
  • The role of human factor
  • Security management – the strategic approach
  • Does perfect security exist?
  • Best practices for fraud mitigation and prevention
  • Security, privacy and compliance needs for banks

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