The safety and security dimension of space, EDF-Fund, online event

On Thursday, 17 November 2022, Hozint’s CEO Edoardo Camilli will give a presentation during the “The safety and security dimension of space, EDF-Fund” online event organised by NEREUS.


The session introduces the participants to the safety and security dimension of space. In particular, this session aims at giving a first overview on the European Defense Fund (EDF) and its multiannual perspective as one Union’s key initiatives to support collaborative defence research and development, and to foster an innovative and competitive defence industrial base. With a budget of about €8 billion for the period 2021-2027 the EDF has earmarked €2.7 billion for the funding of collaborative defence research and €5.3 billion euros for collaborative capability development projects complementing national contributions. SME are particularly encouraged to join collaborative projects and to contribute to breakthrough innovative solutions. An invited speaker from the European Commission is going to present the newly established fund and its opportunities for SME and entrepreneurs. Further to this, a young entrepreneur active in the security domain is going to share his entrepreneurial experience with the participants.



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