Your weekly digests with the latest updates on Aviation Security incidents from around the world!

We are excited to announce the launch of Hozint's new Aviation Security newsletter "AVSEC Intel"! Stay in the loop with the latest updates on AVSEC incidents from all around the world! This week, AVSEC Intel will cover over 500 incidents from security breaches to military operations in conflict zones and much more!

This week's highlights (14 August)

  • Afghanistan | IOM Resumes Operation at Kabul Airport
  • India | High Alert Declared at Shamshabad Airport Ahead of Independence Day Celebrations
  • Netherlands | Ddos attack on websites of public transport and Maastricht airport
  • EU - Niger | EU flights disrupted as Niger closes sky
  • Russia | Explosions and fire broke out at Domodedovo airport near Moscow
  • Russia - Turkey | Ankara-Moscow flight landed in St. Petersburg because of a Ukrainian UAV
  • Russia - Ukraine | Russia Says It Shot Down Two Drones Approaching Moscow, 11 More Over Occupied Crimea
  • South Korea | Typhoon Khanun forces suspension of 450 flights nationwide
  • Syria | Israeli missile strike near Damascus kills 4 Syrian soldiers
  • Ukraine - Lithuania | Lithuania to supply Ukraine with more NASAMS air defense missile systems
  • United States | Large Wildfires Scorch Maui and Hawaii Islands, Prompting Evacuations and Flight Delays

Download the entire list covering hundreds of incidents occurred this week.

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