Join CoPilot: a 3-month pilot program that offers exclusive access to Hozint’s cutting-edge risk intelligence platform and features

CoPilot is specifically designed for security analysts in public and private organisations who are interested in exploring Hozint’s risk intelligence dashboard.


As a participant in CoPilot, you will have the opportunity to explore the latest version of our risk intelligence platform and have exclusive access to the latest features for 3 months. You will be able to set up your dashboard and to customise it to your needs.


What you’ll receive:


  • – A 3-month subscription to our latest threat intelligence platform, with primary access to test the latest features and innovations (beta version);
  • – A live training session to help you get started;
  • – The ability to customise the dashboard to meet your specific needs, such as uploading your Points of interest (POI) and monitoring what’s happening in their surroundings;
  • – Access to real-time alerts generated by our proprietary AI technology;
  • – Access to analyst-verified alerts;
  • – Country Risk Assessment;
  • – and much more…




  • – Duration: 3 months;
  • – Fee: EUR 3,000 per user;


Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in CoPilot and take your organisation’s risk intelligence to the next level.



  1. 1. Fill in the registration form below;
  2. 2. We will send you a quote to approve;
  3. 3. Sign the agreement;
  4. 4. You are ready to go!