Our selection of global events scheduled to happen in the upcoming weeks

Welcome to Looking Forward, our curated selection of global events scheduled to happen in the upcoming weeks

Happening in October

  • Brazil | Railway workers to take 24-hour strike action in Sao Paulo on October 3
  • Germany | Protest to be staged by antifa activists in Berlin on October 14
  • Italy | 'Fridays for Future Italia' climate activists to stage demonstrations and strikes nationwide on October 6
  • Netherlands | 'Extinction Rebellion' and 'Greenpeace' activists to stage action against Rabobank nationwide on October 11
  • Pakistan | Jamaat-e-Islami plans protest in Karachi, Sindh on October 6
  • Poland | General elections to be held on October 15
  • Slovenia | 'Fridays for Future' climate activists to stage demonstration and strike in Nova Gorica, Slovene Littoral on October 7
  • Spain | Pro-Catalan protest actions to be held in multiple locations in Barcelona on October 1
  • United Kingdom | Baggage worker at London Heathrow (LHR) set to strike in London, England from October 6-30
  • United Kingdom | 'Just stop Oil' activists to begin protest campaign across England on October 29
  • United States | Anti-domestic violence rally to be held in Washington D.C. on October 6

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