Our selection of global events scheduled to happen in the upcoming weeks

Welcome to Looking Forward, our curated selection of global events scheduled to happen in the upcoming weeks

August's highlights

  • Australia | Demonstration planned, against proposed changes to NSW Anti-Discrimination Act, in Sydney, New South Wales on August 5
  • Australia - India - Japan - United States | Naval forces of Australia, India, Japan, and US to participate in Malabar 2023 naval exercises off New South Wales from August 11-22
  • Benin | Traffic disruptions expected due to independence day celebrations in Cotonou, till August 15
  • Canada | Climate activists to stage protest in Brandon, Manitoba on August 25
  • France | Protest to be staged at courthouse in Bobigny, Ile-de-France on August 31
  • Germany | Demonstration against use of nuclear weapons in war to be held in Munich, Bavaria on August 7
  • India | Farmers, associated with BKU and other organizations, to hold protest in Mohali, Punjab on August 5
  • Tunisia | Strike by workers at Monastir airport (MIR) on August 15 and 16
  • United Kingdom | Extinction Rebellion protests to be staged in Hebden Bridge, England on August 5-6
  • United States | Protest against nuclear weapons to be held in Jamestown, Rhode Island on August 6

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